AccelAdapt for local government

Get started building resilience on budget and on time.

Assessments for every department

AccelAdapt provides a multi-level analysis helpful to management and staff alike.


Easily view by assets and view by threats to identify the most pressing issues across your jurisdiction.

With sortable big-picture stats, AccelAdapt gives elected officials, city and county management, and sustainability and resilience directors the strategic intelligence they need to direct resources and initiatives to target a community's most pressing challenges.

Jurisdiction scale

Quickly target the most vulnerable neighborhoods in your jurisdiction to better direct tactical action.

AccelAdapt provides jurisdiction-wide intelligence for departmental leadership like stormwater, development services, and emergency management who are responsible for planning for specific assets or implementing solutions to specific threats.

Neighborhood scale

Clearly identify specific vulnerable assets within neigborhoods to prioritize actions.

With neighborhood level tactical intelligence, AccelAdapt empowers departmental operations staff in public works and public safety who need to understand what specific assets are threatened.

Asset scale

Unlock the full power of understanding factors that drive vulnerability in assets.

With selectable asset profiles, AccelAdapt provides field-level operations actionable information to address specific asset vulnerabilities.

Two levels of sophistication to meet your needs

Upgrade at any time or approach your analysis in phases

Jump-start your resilience
Exposure to a full range of climate threats
AccelAdapt Pro
Deepen your resilience understanding
Exposure to a full range of climate threats
Vulnerability based on local factors
Risk based on up-to-date property values

Included in both plans

Social equity metrics

Enhance your understanding of vulnerability by including a full range of socioeconomic metrics. Better target solutions to build resilience and enhance equitability.

Regular updates

In a traditional assessment, an analysis can be out of date as soon as it's delivered. AccelAdapt is a subscription service so as your land records change, so does your assessment.

Training and support

In addition to how-to resources available in your account, we also provide a training webinar during the onboarding process to help your team get up and running. If you ever run into trouble, our support team is here to help.

Expert input

Our team of resilience experts reviews every analysis and provides commentary drawing on the latest science and national best practice. We developed the Federal-standard Steps to Resilience climate resilience framework with NOAA.

Your data on your platform

AccelAdapt publishes the assessment outputs to your ArcGIS Portal or ArcGISOnline organization. If you decide to not continue your subscription, while we'll be sad to see you go, your assessment outputs are yours to keep forever.

AccelAdapt Online access

During your subscription you have access to our hosted and customized viewer application. We continually add new features to the application and you automatically get the latest every time you log in.

Accelerate your adaptation

Increase the effectiveness of your investments for resilience

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